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Is this your first time here? You may be wondering, 'What's going on with this girl and why is she so gung-ho about wellness and the environment? 

Don't really give a sh*t? No prob, Bob! Keep scrolling! 


Join me on my journey to a healthier mind and body. On BGGL, I'll be talking about exercising and eating nutritiously, as well as improving your spiritual and emotional health. Discover fitness how to's and hacks, meditation and calming techniques, self-care tips, personal development advice and so much more.

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All about healthy eating and the #greenerthings you'll find in my kitchen. Learn how I've started making healthier eating habits and the tools I use to do it. Here, you'll find recipes, buying guides, tutorials and informational posts about nutrition and the like.

AROund the home

The next step on the journey to greener living is working towards a more eco-friendly home. Add a little green to your home with DIY home cleaning recipes, eco-friendly shopping guides, zero waste hacks and tutorials, and more.  

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All about eco-friendly travel. Read about how I try to continue to make eco-friendly choices even while I'm on the road. I'll share everything from eco-friendly hotel recommendations, greener travel gear, and ways to reduce your waste while you're wandering around the globe.