Ce'Lene, Brown Girl Green Life


Hi, I'm Ce'Lene! I'm a creator from Seattle and I'm passionate about wellness and ... the earth. I love to learn so you can often find me practicing a new language, reading articles or blogs, listening to podcasts, or pinning tutorials on Pinterest. I love to craft and DIY, too which really helps with the whole zero waste thing. I first learned about the zero waste movement in 2016 after a YouTube rabbit hole of Ted Talks videos; I eventually came across Lauren Singer's (Trash is for Tossers, Package Free Shop) video on why she lives zero waste. My eyes were opened to all the trash in my daily life and I immediately took action to start reducing my waste. BGGL is where I share my journey to reducing create less trash and my tips for living more consciously.  I hope to show people that living consciously is simply and possible and that reducing your waste can be (relatively) accessible. 

Disclaimer: I am not a professional. NOPE. Not a doctor or scientist or anything cool like that. Consult a professional when you're not sure how something will affect you.